Pallet Shuttle

The TEXO Pallet Shuttle runs along rails in high density storage racks to store and retrieve pallets.

They do this by moving full pallet loads in and out of the storage structure.

The Pallet Shuttle is manually placed in the designated rack position by a forklift, after which the cart operates automatically by remote control or RF.

The Pallet Shuttle deposits and retrieve pallets within the system as required enabling forklift operators free to focus on bringing pallet loads to and from the racking face. Sensors along the storage channel determine where it must stop, deposit or retrieve the load and return. Shuttles are ideal for applications with low SKU´s where there is a high movement rate of pallets. They can be configured for FIFO (first-in/first-out) or LIFO (last-in/first-out) operation. Our Pallet Shuttle is an advanced shuttle system that brings greater efficiency to multi-deep pallet handling in a high density environment

The TEXO Pallet Shuttle is designed to operate in a pallet rack having specially designed rails that serve both as pallet positioning and as the runway for the shuttle. Compared to conventional storage systems the Pallet Shuttle system gives many advantages, such as better volume utilization and less damage to the rack and goods due to less handling by a forklift.