Welcome to the TEXO web site 

TEXO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of weaving looms
More than two thirds of all the looms for the paper industry have been supplied by TEXO

TEXO makes paper production possible
Knowledge about the papermaking process
What are conditions like in the paper mills?
Information gathering – our determination to ensure that we and our partners enjoy the best possible conditions

Customer in focus
TEXO does not mass produce looms
Every machine is carefully customized
Lab-loom at our plant in Älmhult, Sweden
TEXO wants to be your partner
Long-term relationship

Product development
To increase the value, productivity and the profitability of our customers’ operations
Examples: high-speed picking, variable speed control, automatic pirn changer

Service program
Assembly, on-going maintenance, rebuilds, training, spare parts listings
Training at your own site, in Älmhult, Sweden or in Greenville, USA
TEXO documents every loom down to the very last detail of the 100,000 or so components we delivered over the years
We provide you with exactly the part you need
Website with on-line service

More than 50 years in the business
1984 – TEXO Inc. established in Greenville, USA, to promote sales and provide support in both North and South America
1991 – Streamlined development and production
Modern industrial looms


TEXO AB, Box 602 SE-343 24 Älmhult • Tel: +46 476-560 00 • Telefax: +46 476-560 90 • E-mail: sales@texo.se