TEXO Spare parts Webshop

At TEXO we want to assure you that we are open and available for spare parts orders 24/7.

By using TEXO Webshop for spare parts you are able to search for your parts, check prices, see delivery time, and place an order directly online. Your order will be handled within 24 hours Monday-Friday and we will send out your parts as soon as possible. 

TEXO Webshop requires a login. Contact our spare parts team for assistance in getting access to this feature.

Contact them at: spareparts@texo.se or + 46 476 560 00

TEXO Customer Portal

When buying a machine or equipment from TEXO we will always deliver your manuals, drawings, and spare parts lists online. As a new customer you will receive a login to the TEXO Customer Portal which will give you easy access to all of these documents.

The best part is that if you buy another machine, equipment, or upgrade your current system your login remains the same and all of your new manuals, drawings, etc. will be uploaded to that same account in order make it easy to find anything you might need or if you want to contact us.

By delivering this online, this ensures that you always have all of the latest manuals conveniently located in one place!

TEXO Remote Guidance Software

With this solution, our service engineers and specialists can help you remotely with enhanced support and fast problem solving.

By use of either a tablet or smartphone, our technicians are able to connect to the customer by way of video chat.

During this process, the customer is able to show our technicians where help is needed. With this software, we are able to take over the screen and demonstrate how to resolve the issue, either showing by hand or by marking directly on the customer’s screen.

Remote Guidance requires booking through service@texo.se 

TEXO Remote Support

With this solution, our service engineers and specialists can help you remotely with enhanced support if the complication you are facing has been identified.

Support by phone/computer: Our technicians can support you by phone/computer with internet, and preferably wi-fi.

Remote access: In some cases we can connect directly to your machine/equipment. This requires different kinds of software for you as a customer. If you are unsure if your equipment is compatible, we will be happy to inform you of what you need. 

Remote access requires booking through service@texo.se 

TEXO Rebuilding

With small changes you can increase production efficiency and in turn enhance your company’s competitiveness in a constantly changing market. We seek to increase sustainability and overall reliability in all of our products in order to help our customer’s succeed.

A mechanical or electrical rebuilding can make the change that can take your company to the next level. Our goals in rebuilding include:

 Increase reliability

    • TEXO Loom Control and Monitoring system (LoCoMo)
    • TEXO Monocam dobby system


  • Increase production speeds
    • Rapier Weft insertion system
    • VMD variable main drive
    • High speed picking system for continuous weaving


  • Optimize quality for woven products
    • TEXO Direct Independent Servo Control dobby system (DISCO)
    • TEXO Dropbox for continuous weaving
    • TEXO TWTS for looms with rapier
    • Servo motor control of warp beams and takeup


  • Reduce waste of raw materials
    • TEXO Warp Saving System (WSS)


  • Increase overall production efficiency
    • Addition of additional warp beams to increase production run between warp changes
    • TEXO Quick Style Change system


Contact us for more information about this through sales@texo.se

TEXO Upgrades

We want to ensure that you as a customer have the best upgrades to meet your needs and want to support your process.  In order to reduce maintenance costs and increase sustainability we may have an improvement for you.

Modernization and optimization of existing equipment can be the change you are searching for.  


  • Replace obsolete components in control systems and HMI with readily available components.


  • Intermediate bearings for take up system.


  • TEXO CAVEX take up drive.


  • Shuttle brake system with a minimum of moving parts.


  • Dobby system upgrades.


Contact us for more information about this through sales@texo.se

TEXO Academy

At TEXO we know how important it is that your machine and equipment operates well, and that you as a customer can be as effective as possible while operating your machines. 

When buying a TEXO system, we can train you and your personnel so that you can handle your equipment in the best way in order to streamline your everyday work.


TEXO Academy requires booking through service@texo.se