Mundil Factory Intralogistics System

TEXO Mundil is a factory intralogistics system which automates production flow in your entire factory by communicating with your production machines and seamlessly integrates with the TEXO Mimer & Ymer warehouse systems.

The TEXO Mundil system consists of a wide range of components such as driven conveyors, transfer carts, turn tables, transveyors, etc. and the Verdandi WES.

The system communicates with your MES, ERP system, or production machines to retrieve information on what has been produced and where to send it in your factory. The system decides the best route to send the goods in order to ensure the quickest delivery times. All goods, stored or being transported, can easily be seen and located in the client HMI along with stock overview. Goods of different lengths can be handled in the same component. Automated reshuffling functionality allows for you to adapt to new, changed, and instant demands.

The components can be designed to handle different sizes and can handle multiple goods at the same time.





  • Less cost due to fully automatic material flow.
  • Improved quality due to safe handling of your goods.
  • Faster throughput due to 24/7 reliable and efficient material flow.
  • Scalable system adaptable to different goods size/weight, and in ambient, chill or freezer environment
  • Better safety and ergonomics for co-workers due to fully automatic system, including WES capable of interfacing with your MES/ERP system.