Verdandi WES

TEXO Verdandi WES (Warehouse Execution System) is a combined warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) platform that manages everything from the physical to the logical aspects of a warehouse or distribution center.

The Verdandi WES stores the information on different products that are being stored and manages operations from incoming goods through processing, storage, order fulfillment, and dispatch in real-time.
TEXO Verdandi WES provides an interface for your current Enterprise Resource Planning system, or Warehouse Management System for full interoperability between the systems.

With RFID tags or a barcode, you can determine what kind of goods and quantity is stored on the pallet.

The client shows every action happening inside the system. A user friendly interface makes it very easy to use.

Graphical Monitoring

  • System state
  • Down to unit load level
  • Individual component states
  • Alarms

Control Center

  • Route control
  • Disable component for service
  • Component motion control

Stock Handling

  • Automatic/manual put-away
  • Customizable put-away logic
  • Move by drag and drop
  • Automatic rearrange
  • Automatic reroute
  • Batch management

Order Fulfilment

  • Customizable API
  • Parallel level order handling
  • Order preparation logic
  • Factory integration

Modular Software Design

  • Separates critical from non critical software
  • Lesser downtime during updates
  • Possibility to run on seperate servers

Supplementary Functions

  • Reject handling
  • User management