Sleipner Auto Shuttle

TEXO Sleipner auto shuttle is used for high density storage racks.
With the industry´s lowest build height, it ensures optimal utilization of your warehouse.

The Sleipner auto shuttle allows high density pallet storage without a fork truck entering the system which allows for the utilization of height in a warehouse. As the system is semi-automatic, there is a requirement of a fork truck to transport the shuttle into the racking. Once the shuttle is in position on the channel rail, the shuttle will then travel along the rail to deposit or retrieve the pallets within the racking.

The operation of the shuttle will be conducted by the fork operator via remote radio control.


• Unique lifting device
• 4-wheel standard
• 8-wheel boogie for ultimate weight distribution
• Battery pack hot swap
• Easy access to clean and to maintain
• In ambient, cool or freezer environment
• Controlled via handheld remote radio control
• Operate in LIFO or FIFO mode
• Can be customized to handle pallets of different width and sizes