Mimer ASRS System

TEXO Mimer is a multi-deep, fully automated, high density storage and retrieval system. The system can be adapted to any warehouse regardless of size, capacity, or shape.  

The TEXO Mimer system consists of Mimer cranes with satellites, a specially designed rack system, and the Verdandi WES.

TEXO Mimer communicates with your MES or ERP system to receive information on what to store and what to retrieve. The system will decide where to store goods based on frequency and redundancy rate. Stored goods, both in and outbound, can easily be seen and located in the client HMI along with stock overview. Goods of different lengths can be stored in the same lane. FIFO functionality can be accomplished with an automatic reshuffling function.

The system can be designed to handle different sizes and can handle multiple goods at the same time.    




  • Less cost due to optimal use of your warehouse size
  • Improved quality due to safe handling of your goods.
  • Faster throughput due to 24/7 reliable and efficient material flow.
  • Scalable system adaptability to any warehouse shape, different goods size/weight, and in ambient, chill or freezer environment
  • Better safety and ergonomics for co-workers due to fully automatic system, including WES, capable of interfacing with your MES/ERP system.